Payment & Shipping

After you've submitted your card information the order is then e-mailed directly to me, I generally ship orders out 1-3 days after its been ordered and they can be expected within 4-6 days to arrive at your home.  All orders are shipped through USPS standard shipping and are handled with great quality and care!


Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Payments/Card Transactions will be held through STRIPE transfers in the payment section, I can also offer PAYPAL but only at your request.


Returns & Refunds

Items are returnable, and orders are refundable. If you truly are not happy with an order or its not what you expected you are entitled to receive your money back.  If you need to swap out a size you would need to let me know at least a week into you having the item, otherwise I cannot guarantee your size will be in stock.



Thank you for shopping with us!

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