The History 

Unhealthy Living is a lifestyle streetwear brand, geared towards promoting anarchy, grunge, and skate culture.  I began the brand back in 2014 a few years after I had took up graphic design courses.  I had experienced many hardships post high school and had began to lose a lot of friends due to drug and alcohol use, I had always been into clothing so I wanted to really embody the culture, lifestyle, and aesthetic of the things I've been through and certain things that inspire me.  I plan to turn UL into a full-blown skate brand as time goes by, bare with me as I am in business by myself, I am unable to do some things as soon as I would like but I appreciate you guys for supporting the progression along the way.  

How shit started, where shit goin?

Est. UL2014 Assoc. Official Shit 

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